Women’s handbags are a reflection of your taste, personality and style. These accessories tend to be more transient than others, which means that what’s trending today may not be so popular the next week or in two months. However, certain trends tend to last more than others.

Today’s article will guide you through all the different trends that have been present since 2022 started. We’re still in the first trimester of the year, which means that we’re still transitioning from what was popular in late 2021. Some trends are “new,” while others have prevailed since last year.

Women’s designer handbag trends in 2022

Moon handbags

If you’re a minimalist, you’ll be happy to hear that moon bags have become quite trendy in 2022. These bags were very popular in 1990, and although they never really went out of style, we’ve seen how they’ve gained popularity since 2020. It seems that the trend has survived until 2022, especially when it comes to half-moon bags.

Backpack style handbags

Backpack-style handbags have become quite popular in recent years, especially in the younger generations. The trend doesn’t seem to hold back in 2022, as it continues to be one of the most popular options in the market. These bags come in all sizes, although they’re typically as big as your traditional กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง. Similarly, they come in diverse styles for all kinds of women out there!

Chocolate handbags

Chocolate brown is a very popular color in the fashion world, almost as popular as black is. However, it seems that it has been receiving more attention than usual in 2022.

However, the color is not the only thing about chocolate that has become popular, as the texture has also become quite present in the fashion world. It’s very common to find handbags that imitate chocolate tablets.

While chocolate brown is a popular color, some brands have opted for only using the texture to provide a bit more personality to the piece of clothing. Hence, if you like the chocolate tablet-style but find it hard to match the color with your outfits, you can be sure that you will find a color that resonates with you better.

XL Handbags

Oversized clothes have become quite trendy in the latest years. XL handbags have always been a thing, but more women have opted for using them due to their convenience and storage capacity. These bags can look better on you if you’re a tall person.


There are diverse style options available in 2022. No matter your style, you can be sure that you’ll be able to wear something that resonates with your personality and allows you to bring all your personal belongings wherever you go.

However, keep in mind that handbag trends tend to be quite fluctuant. Remember to stay tuned with the latest news to learn how to adapt the current trends to your style and stay current with the fashion world.

Have fun matching your outfits!