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Lemon Trees: How to care for them

The Lemon Tree Citrus Company began as an online store in 2004. The Lemon trees are grown on the farmland that goes back six generations. Still around after 16 years, the Lemon Tree Citrus Company has a money back guarantee. If your lemon tree dies during normal conditions, Lemon Tree Company will either give you a refund or replace your tree. The Lemon trees cost less than $100 a tree and comes with a three-year warranty. Most online tree nurseries don’t offer warranties as long as three years. Each tree sent to a cold area is shipped in a package with heat packs. Some lemon trees are only available in California, and there is a 2 to 3 meter lemon tree not available in Arizona, Alaska, Texas, or in Hawaii. It’s a good idea to check if the Meyer Lemon Tree you want is available in your state.

The Lemon Tree 

The Meyer Lemon Tree is grafted from a mature tree on dwarf woodstock. The dwarf woodstock allows the lemon tree to grow faster than traditional lemon trees. In just one year, you will be able to see the tree blossoming and fruit start to appear. The Meyer Lemon Tree can be grown in pots instead of in orchards. Lemon trees are conventionally grown in warm regions of the United States. People who live in colder climates can grow lemon trees thanks to Lemon Citrus Tree company.

The Meyer Lemon Tree has a sweeter taste than the lemons sold in grocery stores. The lemons on the Meyer Lemon Tree are green when they are developing. The yellow lemon develops when the fruit grows to full term. Having your own lemon tree is convenient. You always have lemons on hand for lemonade, seasoning for poultry and fish. Lemons and all citrus fruit contains Vitamin C that can be used in juices to help combat colds and other illnesses. Lemons have dozens of uses, and the lemons are always available.

How to Care for the Lemon Tree

The Meyer Lemon Tree cannot be outside in temperatures below 50 degrees Farenheit. If you want to repot the lemon tree plant, you need to wait two weeks. The tree needs to adjust its new enviornment before being transferred to another pot. When it is time to transplant the lemon tree plant, use a pot 10 gallons or less. Use a moisture meter to make sure you get just the right amount of water, not too little and not too much. You can drill a few more holes at the bottom to increase drainage. When it’s time to repot, don’t use stones at the top and bottom of the pot.

Health Benefits of Lemons

We don’t want to digress here, but as you may know lemons have a lot of health benefits. We recommend to check out the video below to get an idea:

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How to spice up your love life

A Few Ways To Add More Sizzle In the Bedroom and More

The following tips do not discriminate. They are for both gay and straight couples(sometimes both, depending on how adventurous you are.

There may have been a time (especially in the beginning) where you could not keep your hands off one another. You spent all night and all weekend in bed( sometimes mornings). You just could not stop. Everything you did made you want sex. It’s fun in the beginning, isn’t it?

Things change though. You get a new job. You get married and have a few kids(if that is your situation). You always tell yourself that you will find your way back, and then something else happens.

You have to work on your love life because it is part of the relationship. Otherwise, you will remain in the rut.

How can you find your way back?

1)Boring and Routine

It could be that one or both of you feel your sex life has gotten boring(we call that vanilla). Sometimes you need to shake things up. Try something you never tried before. Some couples who keep having the same boring sex every day end up feeling disconnected and bored.

Try talking dirty(if you can and know how to). Those who do not know how to talk dirty better learn.

2)The Positions

It has been documented that most couples(gay and straight)are only comfortable with 3 positions. That is not going to help you when you get bored. Try to learn a different position. One reason that some couples get bored in the bedroom is due to “the same old, same old”.

Find a different time to have sex. Your husband might be making dinner and wearing the pants that make you horny for him. Try to stimulate him before he gets too engrossed in what he is doing. Your husband will want a different kind of meal if you do it right. That could take you and him out of your current rut. This is just one suggestion to help give you some ideas.

3)Outside the Box

Another reason why your sex life could have become boring is due to a lack of imagination. Sex requires you to think outside of the box. That means you have to stop being prudish about certain things if you want this to work(that goes for both couples in the relationship regardless of orientation).

Experiment and find what you both like, different role plays, toys like 성인용품, different locations etc.. Sex is not the time for hangups. Sex is the time for fun and incredible, mind-blowing orgasms. Time to bring the sizzle back and get back to why you fell in love.

You may also want to check out this awesome TED talk, it gives you some unique perspective into sex:

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Boldly Sharing Your Faith in Silence: T-Shirt Evangelism

Everywhere you go, your life tells a story. It can be challenging to feel like your message is always accurately received, but there is a way to clear up any potential mishaps and concisely share your faith: by wearing a t-shirt that shares your faith as you live your life. Imagine the effectiveness of sharing your faith in Christ by your actions and having your shirt share the message. Not only is it a tool for introducing others to Christ, but it also encourages others in their walk as they are out and about. There are several benefits to wearing a shirt with a message, here are some of them!

Introducing Others to Jesus

The most important thing we can do is share our faith with others. Wearing Christian shirts and more that share a biblical truth about God’s love for us is a very meaningful way to introduce others to the saving grace found in Jesus. A single t-shirt is worn on average 3000 times, giving you thousands of chances to share your faith. There will be times you won’t even know that your shirt made a difference, but it could be the very message someone prayed, or the answer to a stranger’s prayer! There are many shirts that can be used as an ice breaker or conversation starter, just make sure to be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks, as Peter reminds us in 1 Peter 3:15.

Additional Accountability to be Like Christ

There’s nothing to hold you accountable for your actions quite like knowing that the world is watching you. Wearing a shirt proclaiming Jesus’ love and forgiveness requires us, the wearers and bearers of this great news, to also be loving and forgiving, otherwise our message is null and void. As many have observed, actions speak louder than words and wearing a shirt that gives context to our actions is a great reminder that as ambassadors of Christ, we are accountable for our words and actions.

Spreading Positivity and Encouragement in your Community

Everybody, regardless of beliefs, needs encouragement and truth. Using a t-shirt to encourage someone in their walk is such a great way to spread positivity throughout your community. Proverbs does say that a “cheerful heart is good medicine” (Proverbs 17:22) and all over the world people are battling many ailments we know nothing about. What a blessing to be able to use truth from the Word of God to assist others in their quest for victory in Christ!

As you can see, wearing t-shirts with a Christian message is a bold way to share your faith with the world without saying a word.

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Cool And Unique Christmas Gifts Ideas To Use For Anyone On Your List


  1. Give A Personalized Blanket To Anyone On Your List

You could give someone many different gifts but nothing would be as special as a gift that you get personalized for them. You could have lots of different items personalized but there is nothing quite like personalized hooded blankets for adults and you can get anything that you want on it. You could put a picture on the blanket or you can put a special quote on it. Whatever you think that the person will like, you can get that on the blanket and know that you are giving them a gift that they are going to cherish. It is great to give a personalized item like this because it will be something that they will keep forever and never forget. You will give them something that no one else would think to give them and it will feel good to give them such a special gift.


  1. Consider Giving Them Some Unique Food Items

If you travel often, then pick up some unique food items from the places you travel and wrap them up for the people on your list. Or buy the unique food items in a store near you or online. Pick out salsas, hot sauce, and any other item like that that someone hasn’t tried before so that they will get a unique food experience through their gift. Or give someone a gift basket filled with all of the foods that they love and a few unique ones mixed in. You can also go to a bakery or a candy shop and pick out unique food items for anyone on your list.


  1. Give The Gift Of An Experience

Depending on who you are giving a gift to and what their favorite things to do are, you can give the gift of an experience to everyone on your list. You can give concert tickets to someone who loves music or a National Park pass to someone who loves nature. You can give a card that says you will take someone out to eat or you can give a gift card to someone’s favorite restaurant. There are all kinds of experiences that you can give as gifts and you can think outside the box as much as you want to when it comes to giving so you will give unique gifts. Wrap up plane tickets for someone you are close to and take them on vacation as their gift or tell them you will go to the state fair with them in the summer. Any gift of an experience is a special gift.


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The Progression of a U.S. Military Combat Rife from Failure to Success


The ArmaLite (AR) 10 and 15 are both gas operated, rotating bolt semi-automatic rifles. The AR-10 was originally designed in the mid-1950s as a replacement rifle for the World War Two Era M-1 Garand rifle, but lost in competition to the Springfield Armory M-14. At the time, the preferred ammunition for U.S. military main battle rifles was the 7.62 mmx51/ .308 caliber cartridge, to ensure commonality with weapons of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance. The M-14 was basically an updated version of the M-1 Garand, including the tradition wooden frame and stock, but with fully automatic fire capability and a large detachable ammunition magazine. While the AR-10 did lose out to the M-14, it was revolutionary for its time, being extremely lightweight due to to its composite frame and stock and use of forged aluminum components. These design elements were used to develop the AR-15 model rifle, in 5.56 mmx45/.223 caliber in response to another U.S. Army proposal for a lighter rifle using the smaller ammunition, with the reasoning that a lighter weapon of a smaller caliber would be less of a burden for soldiers to carry, and would allow more ammunition to be carried as well. Unfortunately, factions within the Army delayed a timely decision on the 5.56 mm main battle rifle.

Transition to Colt

ArmaLite, having lost the competition to replace the M-1 Garand and encountering the Army’s indecision on the 5.56mm rife competition, sold the rights for both firearms to the Colt Manufacturing Company of Connecticut, an historic producer of weapons for the U.S. military. In 1961 the U.S. Air Force independently ordered several thousand AR-15 rifles from Colt for its Security Police forces, who are charged with the defense of nuclear munitions and nuclear armed aircraft. Eventually the Army adopted modified AR-15 models, redesignated as the M-16, as its main battle rifle in 1964.

Detailed Comparison

Although the AR-15 was born as a variant of the AR-10, there are some significant differences (see: The main advantage of the AR-10 is the larger caliber ammunition, which means more “stopping” power, and better accuracy at longer distance. This makes the AR-10 a better option for hunting larger game. The main advantage of the AR-15 is the ergonomics of its lighter weight and smaller size, making it more suited to the urban battlefield. Since the adoption of the AR-15/M-16 variant as a U.S. main battle rifle, the increased availability of the AR-15 has generated a wide variety of additional features and components attractive to recreational shooters, and ammunition is less expensive. As the AR-10 was never adopted for large scale production, AR-10s are more expensive, and replacement parts and aftermarket components are limited. As with any comparison between firearms, the individual shooter and the main purpose the rifle will be used for should be the main factors in the decision of which rifle to purchase.

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Most Enchanting Places To Visit In Croatia

Zadar and Krka National Park

The City of Zadar is found on Croatia’s northern Dalmatian Coast. You will find many gorgeous beaches where you can relax and take in the view. You’ll also find Old Town here, where you can take a leisurely stroll and see beautiful old churches, Roman ruins, and amazing medieval architecture. There are many nearby islands, and you’ll find convenient transport links to get to them. Slightly south of Zadar, one of the most beautiful places to visit is Krka National Park. It provides many stunning waterfalls, spilling into naturally created blue-green pools where you can swim, or just admire the beauty. There are multiple ways to enjoy the park such as walkways and informative boat excursions, and the landscape is surrounded with many beautifully lush trees and plants. Many of the walking trails take you right near the waterfalls for some beautiful photo opportunities.


Blue Cave

Located on Bisevo Island, Blue Cave is something you won’t want to miss. This attraction can only be viewed through a guided boat tour. On the way to the cave you’ll be surrounded by clear turquoise-blue waters, lined with pebble beaches. Once you’ve reached the destination, you’ll see beautiful translucent blue light emitting from inside the cave and into the water, which is breathtaking. The color of the water itself is an indescribably beautiful deep blue. While immersed in this beauty, be prepared to snap some amazing pictures to share with friends and family on your blue cave tour.


So Many Possibilities

While these are just a few of the beautiful locations found in Croatia, there is much more to see as well. There is something for everyone to enjoy, and you will not run out of things to do here. This will surely prove to be a vacation you remember for a lifetime.

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Ozark Trail tents are perfect for family camping holidays

If you are looking for a tent that is perfectly suited to your upcoming family camping holiday, look no further than Ozark Trail tents.


These tents have everything a family would need to have a comfortable camping trip, and at a price you can afford.


Under $200 — The Ozark Trail brand has a number of tent sizes, many of which are suitable for a family of four to six. These tents are also under $200, which makes them extremely affordable for most families.


The perfect sizeOzark Trail tents come in sizes that can accommodate just about any family, including families as large as 10 people.



These tents are also higher than other tents in the same price range. That means parents do not have to spend much of their time ducking down when indoors, as a typical Ozark Trail tent allows them to stand comfortably.


Privacy for everyone in the family — You can either buy two separate tents, one for you and your spouse and one for the kids, or you can buy a larger tent that sleeps all of you.


Even the larger tents, however, allow a level of privacy you may not be used to in a tent. This is due to the room dividers that can be completely zipped shut in the night hours, or when people are getting dressed, and then easily removed when privacy is no longer needed.


This allows all areas of the tent to be used at all times of the day and night.


Easy to assemble — Many of the Ozark Trail tent models also have built-in tent poles. This means assembly of the tent is incredibly easy, with none of the anxiety and stress often associated with pitching a family tent.

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The 5-Panel Baseball Cap Has Become A Trend Desired By Individuals All Over The World

The History of the 5-Panel Baseball Cap

Throughout history, every generation has embraced an important piece of fashion from t-shirts with logos to straight legged jeans. This item is currently the 5-panel baseball cap. There is not much history available regarding this cap. Certain people believe the popularity came from the gay crowd frequenting the clubs in London and Berlin. Others believe the bicycle couriers should be attributed for this trend. Still others insist the 5-panel baseball cap reigned during the 1980’s and 1990’s. There is also the possibility the popularity originated with skateboarders due to the additional visibility. Despite the unknown origin of the popularity, there is no doubt this cap has made the transformation from a niche to a requirement during the last four years.

The Numerous Labels for the 5-Panel Baseball Cap

There are a lot of popular labels producing this cap such as Thrasher, Norse Projects and Quiet Life. The biggest label is Supreme. During the 1990’s, this label became extremely popular with the New York skaters. The brand opened a store in Los Angeles ten years later in 2004. Japan followed by opening four more stores with London bringing up the rear. One of their top products is the 5-Panel baseball cap. The new versions continue to sell out as soon as they have been released. This is especially true on the rare occasions this cap goes on sale. The majority of kids already owned a 5-panel baseball cap prior to seeing Tyler, the creator wearing one. Tyler was almost never seen in a video, photo shoot or interview without this acclaimed cap. This ensured every fan would desire their own.

The Street Culture of New York

This was when the craze for this cap took over the sector previously filled with trucker and starter caps. Nearly every fashion brand has a form of this particular cap from the outrageous to the ubiquitous. Despite the hefty price tag, the limited additions still sell. The street culture of New York played a large role in the popularity. During the past two years, some of the most noteworthy shops in New York have started stocking this cap. This began with the Supreme brand which became a status symbol. Fans in Ireland have flown all the way to London for the privilege of purchasing a Supreme cap. The majority of the custom 5 panels are affordable, which added to the popularity. This has become the most economical way to become a part of the brand.

The Bottom Line

Social media is constantly referencing this cap for the mass market. The popularity correlates with the brand chosen by the wearer. Certain brands are more revered than others. The bottom line is a 5-panel baseball cap is required to be a part of the latest trend.

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What hunting supplies should you have with you on a hunting trip?

If you are planning your first hunting trip, you may not know which hunting supplies you will need for a day or two away. Taking the right hunting outdoor supplies is important. Especially if your hunt may be a challenging one.

Make sure these hunting supplies are in your backpack, and you should easily be able to both navigate the wilderness and hunt efficiently and well.

Neon safety vest — Too many people are injured or killed when hunting. Particularly when they do not wear a neon safety vest. Make sure this is the first thing you pack, and then wear it during every minute of your hunting trip.

A change of clothing — Make sure the clothing you are wearing is waterproof, but also ensure you pack at least one change of clothes. Even if you are only taking a one-day hunting trip. After all, you never know when you may fall in a lake, get caught in a downpour or find a mud pool.

Sleeping bag — If you will be on your hunting trip for longer than 24 hours, you will need to take a sleeping bag. Again, ensure it is waterproof and lightweight. Remember, all the hunting supplies you take with you will have to be carried.

Bug spray and bear spray — Bug spray is usually a necessity, as you are bound to come across mosquitoes and other insects at some point during your trip. Bear spray is also important if you know your hunting trip will take place in an area known to be a bear habitat.

Cooking supplies and food — Even on a one-day hunting trip, you will need to have both something to eat and, in most cases, something to cook it on. Start with basic supplies like crackers, nuts and energy bears, as they can be eaten without the need for heat.

For your meals, however, you will also need to carry with you something like pasta, rice, bread and sandwich fillings. You could also take potato chips, vegetables or fruit. Just make sure everything you take is relatively lightweight, and easy to cook.

Coffee, tea bags, dried milk and sugar may also be needed if you are a coffee or tea drinker.

Flashlight — On any hunting trip, you will usually need to take at least one flashlight in your hunting supplies. You certainly do not want to be sitting in a tent in the wilderness late at night without any light.

You will also need to light a fire or a camping stove, so be sure you carry safety matches or a lighter as well. Remember to include a container of fluid for the stove as well.

Satellite phone — You will also need to ensure you do not get lost. The easiest way to make sure that happens is to carry a satellite phone with you.

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Top Photography Trends For 2019

Dramatic and scenic landscapes are popular for wedding and special events. Bad weather gives photographers (for instance photographer viginia beach), a chance to produce a scenic shot using special techniques. Trends show consumers want photos that contain more contrast and bright colors. More photography depicts social and environmental issues than ever before. Landscapes are a hot trend. Many environmental organizations use specialized photos to promote change in the world. Portrait photography is becoming more candid and realistic. Most people want a photo they can relate to not a photos for a modeling or a acting career. Even weddings couples want more photos using natural light and pose.

Animals and wildlife photos are very popular. Customers want their pets in their photos for wedding, birthdays, and other special events. Brides and grooms often include their dogs or cats in their wedding photos. Children photos or portraits are now taken with pets and other small animals for holiday or every day use. Pet photography is a growing trend. Travel photos are becoming more eco-friendly as all travelers want to travel to green locations. More customers want photos that reflect diversity in the world showcasing different races, nationalities, and religions realistically due to the rise in false news. There is a consumer demand for realistic diversity in photos that depict the real story. Still life photos for restaurants, retail stores, and those that make consumer products is another growing trend.

The era of the 1980s has come back in 2019. Photos will have gold chains, animal prints, snake skins, belts and plenty of metal. More green products will show up in advertising photos and less made of plastic and unsafe materials. Brilliant colors of the rainbow, 3D and special effects will be used, in more in photos showcasing the designs for special industries like fashion and fabrics. Wedding and portrait photos are using more art in the backgroun than ever before. Customers use paintings, sculpture, antique art pieces in their portraits for business or family use. Photographer have the ability to add color to photos and there is an increased demand for this technique. More photos will use neutral tones without any color a trend used in the past. Some photos will tell a story so the viewer almost feels like they are there.

For tips on how to improve your photos, check out this awesome video I found on youtube:

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