Shopping online can be fun, but it can also be frustrating. Especially when you buy something, then find it cheaper elsewhere soon after.


That is why, before you make your next purchase on the Internet, you should be sure to follow these simple tips. They will help you save money when shopping online, and make the experience a lot more fun.


Always use coupons — If you spend some time looking, you will discover quite quickly that most things being sold online have coupons available that can save you a substantial amount of money.


You can find these coupons at one of a large number of coupon and discount deals sites. Some may even have coupons for the product you want for sellers you have never heard of, but that are far cheaper than the seller you first planned to shop at.


Discount deals sites — There are several very well-known discount deals sites (retailmenot, coupon shein and more) that showcase deals from all over the Internet. These deals are updated in real-time so you can be sure, if you do find a deal, you can use it.


Shop for items in a different season — If you shop for lawn furniture at the beginning of the summer, it will be at its highest price. Wait until a few weeks before the fall, however, and it could suddenly be discounted to 50% off.


The same goes for Easter cards, Christmas decorations, summer clothing and back-to-school supplies. Shop for the things you need out of season, and you will find the deepest discounts available all year.


Use retailers’ savings apps — If you shop at specific retailers quite often, be sure to download their savings apps. They will often have coupons that you can use to shop on their websites. Coupons that will not be available anywhere else.


Consolidate your order — If you are ordering a few things online, be sure to consolidate your order.


Many online sellers will give you free shipping if you agree to have your items sent all at the same time. As shipping costs can be quite high, this can be a substantial saving just for waiting a day or two.


Use comparison sites — Always look at comparison sites before you make a purchase. They will often know about prices that are cheaper than what you were planning on paying.


If you do this, however, make sure the comparison price they come up with includes the shipping fees as well, as some comparison sites do leave them out.


Buy a membership — Some online suppliers such as bookstores, Amazon, DVD and CD sellers, clothing stores, shoe stores and make-up companies offer membership programs.


These can cost as little as $25 a year, but can give you savings of 10-20% on every item you purchase.