Do you often find yourself admiring women with short hair, flaunting their style with confidence and grace? If you have been considering going short to get that transformation you’ve always wanted, perhaps 2022 is your year. After all, it’s sometimes nice to step out of the comfort zone and surprise others who have always taken your predictability for granted.

The good news is that short hairstyles are expected to be quite the rage in 2022. In case you are wondering, there are multiple ways to go short. You can choose one of the many short hairstyles that suit your facial cut and features and can be maintained with a little effort. So, before you rush off to your hairstylist, here is a list of a few short hairstyles to consider.

Pixie cut

It doesn’t matter if you have straight, wavy or curly hair; a pixie cut looks good on all kinds. However, you do need to be quite courageous to go this short and pull off the look, particularly if you had very long hair previously. It looks very modern and trendy and is also easy to maintain. If you have been looking for a low-maintenance cut that looks very chic, the pixie cut is the one to go for.

Blunt bob cut

A blunt bob that goes down till the collarbone is another quite low-maintenance and very stylish hairstyle. The hairstyle has hair cut in the same length and looks good when the hair has slight waves.

Short haircut with fringe

If you have been fond of fringe in the past, it’s time to rejoice because the fringe is back with a bang, pun intended! You can either go for a clean chopped bang style or go for a ruffled look that takes off the edge from the sharpness. You can go for sideways bangs if you like to partition your hair to the side or centered bangs with long bangs on the side.

Glass hair bob

Want a style that looks put together at all times? Glass hair bob is the answer. Go for a razor-sharp cut to form a smooth and shiny bob that looks chic and well-maintained at all times. If your routine is such where you often have to rush but need to look your best in all instances, this style is the one to have. You may need a care routine to maintain the shine in your hair, but you will find it easy to keep on a day-to-day basis.

Shaggy hair

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the short shag. If you want some volume in your hair, you can go for heaps of layers in your hair that start from as high as your eyebrows and the length goes till the shoulders. A fringe can be added to complement the look.

Long bob cut

Another short hairstyle that is more suited for straight hair is a long bob. It is longer from the front and shorter from the back. It looks great when parted from the center or from the side.

So here is our list of short hairstyles. Which one is your favorite?