If you are looking for a tent that is perfectly suited to your upcoming family camping holiday, look no further than Ozark Trail tents.


These tents have everything a family would need to have a comfortable camping trip, and at a price you can afford.


Under $200 — The Ozark Trail brand has a number of tent sizes, many of which are suitable for a family of four to six. These tents are also under $200, which makes them extremely affordable for most families.


The perfect sizeOzark Trail tents come in sizes that can accommodate just about any family, including families as large as 10 people.



These tents are also higher than other tents in the same price range. That means parents do not have to spend much of their time ducking down when indoors, as a typical Ozark Trail tent allows them to stand comfortably.


Privacy for everyone in the family — You can either buy two separate tents, one for you and your spouse and one for the kids, or you can buy a larger tent that sleeps all of you.


Even the larger tents, however, allow a level of privacy you may not be used to in a tent. This is due to the room dividers that can be completely zipped shut in the night hours, or when people are getting dressed, and then easily removed when privacy is no longer needed.


This allows all areas of the tent to be used at all times of the day and night.


Easy to assemble — Many of the Ozark Trail tent models also have built-in tent poles. This means assembly of the tent is incredibly easy, with none of the anxiety and stress often associated with pitching a family tent.