The promise of a blank page


A blank piece of paper stares at you brimming with possibility and waiting patiently for you to make the first move. For such a momentous decision you want the best tools to capture your thoughts. Muji gel ink pens are the high quality tools that will allow your imagination the freedom to explore without being bogged down with having to shake your pen to make ink come out or having the ink pour out in messy and uneven pools. By using an ink prevention mechanism, the high-quality Japanese design is certain to not let you down. Whether you use a delicate flowing script or a bold decisive hand, various tip sizes can be ordered to best reflect your writing style.

For the most important events


Muji gel ink pens give you the choices and quality that are desired when you are doing the things that really matter. Whether you are drafting a handwritten letter to a loved one, or writing thank you cards after your wedding, it is important to think about not only what is said but how it is said. When it really matters, everything matters. This includes the stationary, grammar and even the color or the ink. Muji gel ink pens offer 10 colors of the highest quality ink with a unique aqueous pigment ink ensuring that bleed through is minimized, to ensure that the message you are sending is made clearly and reflects your personality.

For the ordinary moments


Nearly every day we are asked to provide verification that we are who we claim to be. This often happens through our signature; a written fingerprint that fields of study have been devoted to. From signing the check after a good meal to paying bills, you are telling the world that you are an individual. With Muji pens, your signature can tell the world that you are creative and confident. That you are a person who believes in quality and that won’t let you down when it’s needed, which is exactly what Muji pens provide. No matter where you keep a pen, a desk, your purse or a jacket pocket; you want the confidence to know that when you need to capture a thought on paper, your pen is there for you. Whether you are writing down the number of the future love of your life or name of the company you will start, a Muji gel pen may actually be the means that is used to change your life.