Understanding the Specs of a Game Camera

Game cameras can greatly improve the sport of hunting for you and your group. Without the camera, you’re simply guessing on where the animals are located, and this can cause you to exhaust yourself walking around and hoping that you get something. Likewise, it prevents you from sitting in one area while all of the animals are in a different location. Game cameras can also be used for security purposes on properties that stay abandoned for long periods of time. If you have issues with people dumping garbage or vandalizing your land, a game camera can help you to capture the culprits.

The Four Best Brands and Models

Four of the best brands of game cameras on the market are the Bushnell, the Browning Strike, Reconyx and the Plotwatcher. All of these brands have several models available, making it effortless for you to choose the one that is both ideal for your needs as well as your budget. The Reconyx Hyperfire has been rated one of the top game cameras in 2018 and often appears in top game camera reviews, making it an incredibly popular model for both property owners and hunters nationwide.

How to Choose the Perfect Camera

There are two different things you need to consider before buying a camera: the price and the features. Unfortunately, the more expensive cameras are often the most expensive. However, if you want a camera that is not only going to last a long time, but is also going to provide you with the features and specs that you need, it’ll be worth the investment to buy a bigger and better camera. Cameras can range in price from roughly $20 to a few thousand. Some of these cameras can even be Bluetooth enabled to send you alerts if movement is detected.

Installing the Camera

The camera needs to be installed high enough up on a tree or post so that it can see everything below. If you’re uncomfortable with installing the camera on your own, many security companies can do the work for you for a reasonable fee. However, if you need the camera needs to just look in one direction low to the ground, you should be able to do the installation yourself with a few screws and a smaller ladder. The camera you purchase will be totally weatherproof, so you do not need to worry about covering it or protecting it in any way. These cameras are made to stay outside for long periods of time, which prevents you from spending money on small enclosures or encasement products to keep the camera protected.