Impressive appearance and lighting are treasured by gamers, especially the PC ones. These lightings are found in almost all PC devices. These can be processors, mouse, RAM, keyboard, and motherboard just to mention but a few. The lightings make these accessories look special.

You may be wondering, what does the term RGB mean? The answer is simple. This is a term used by almost all game lovers, especially the PC ones. They are used in the transformation of gaming into fine art. Lighting with these systems provides an array of colors. The PC lighting has gone to a different level with the invention of the ARGB technology.

So let’s dig into it the topic Argb Vs. RGB – What is the Difference Between

  1. RGB

Letters R, B, and G stand for the primary colors which are Red, Green, and Blue. It is used in many devices some of which include tablets, Smartphones, TVs, etc. The reason why these primary colors are preferred is that they can be used in making any color combination.

Are these color systems also used in the gaming industry? What purpose do they serve? Well, the answer is simple. They also apply in the gaming industry. In the recent past, this lighting system was introduced into PC accessories. It provided a delightful and exquisite appearance.

Effects of RGB

The key point to take home is that RGB does not increase the performance of the PC. They only work to decrease the performance of the PC. When poorly installed, using low-quality RGB systems can lead to:

  • Additional power consumption.
  • Overheating.
  • Overload on the motherboard.
  1. ARGB

The term ARGB refers to addressable RGB. It, therefore, stands for controllable RGB. The dissimilarity between RGB and ARGB is that ARGB can be personalized to create divergent colors concurrently.

It also provides individual control. This control is over every LED that contributes to creating appealing, sound-controlled effects and dancing effects. This makes your PC work in cycles.

The question that raises concern is, is ARGB better? Yes, it is. To begin with, it is more advanced in terms of technology. Furthermore, it has more outstanding features. In addition, it is more personalized and offers a mouth-watery glow to the system. It is more lenient.

In terms of effects, ARGB has the least effects on the PC. Though when poorly installed, it has the same effects as those of RGB systems.

Despite the differences mentioned above on RGB and ARGB, these two works in ensuring that your gaming is taken to a different whole new level. As a PC gamer, you should consider the above differences between these two before deciding whether to grab one.