Providing your dog with a healthy balanced diet is an important part of caring for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. A dog that is a healthy weight, regularly active, visits the vet often and eats a healthy diet, can expect to have 10 plus years with their loving owner. Choosing the right dog food may take a little time to research, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

Dog nutrition

Some people mistakenly believe that dogs are carnivores, but dogs are actually omnivores, just like people. In the wild dogs are optimist eaters that will eat almost anything from bugs, dead animal carcasses, vegetation, animals and even fruit. In order to mimic your dog’s natural diet, grain-free dog food may be the best option. Some classical dog foods are filled with fillers that have no nutritional value and are difficult for your dog to digest. Herbivores and omnivores have an enzyme called Salivary Amylase somewhere in their digestive system. Salivary Amylase allows carbohydrates to be broken down into sugar, which your body can use. Dogs also have this enzyme, but it is located in their small intestine. By having this enzyme located further in their digestive system, it becomes difficult for dogs to digest carbohydrates. Although economical for manufactures, adding a large amount of grain to dog food may result in digestive problems or cause allergies in some dogs. If your dog is having digestive problems or allergy problems, switching to grain-free dog food may be a great decision.

Advantages of using grain-free dog food

Using grain-free dog food, such as Merrick dog food, has many advantages over classical dog food. Grain-free dog food is easier to digest than classical food, because of the fact that grain-free dog food is full of more protein than classical food. Grain-free dog food is also packed full of vegetables and healthy meats that provide your dog with the healthiest diet. A healthier diet will result in healthier skin and a thicker, shinier coat. By providing a healthier diet with grain-free good, you can help your dog maintain a healthy weight and increase energy. Switching to grain-free can improve your dog’s bad breath. Grains tend to leave a film of carbohydrates over your dog’s teeth after eating. This film takes hours to be washed away by a dog’s saliva and creates a fest for the bacteria in your dog’s mouth, resulting in the bacteria producing a foul-smelling odor. Pregnant and lactating dogs can befit from a green-free diet. Pregnant or lactating dogs have to make sure to receive the proper amount of nutrition or potentially deal with problems like eclampsia or other health issues. With all of the benefits of grain-free dog food its worth a try to try switching today.