The Hmong dog is a type of dog commonly known as the clawless variety. Hmong dogs are typically found in Asia and are of medium to large size. The Hmong dogs are prized for their agility and swiftness, and they make excellent guard dogs because they bark loudly to alert their owners. They are known to live up to 15 years and are affectionate towards their owners.

5 Things you need to know about the Hmong dog

1. Hmong dogs are good watchdogs

One can train Hmong dogs to recognize various sounds and alert their owners to strangers approaching the house. They are aware of their surroundings and will sound the alarm if they suspect something is wrong.

2. They are excellent escape artists

They tend to escape from their homes and will not hesitate to use all their skills to escape. It means that you must take extra precautions in securing your home when you have a hmong dog as an occupant. There are instances where these dogs dig beneath walls or scale perimeter fences like professionals.

3. They are easily distracted

You will have to keep their activities to a minimum if you do not want them to sniff the grass and be distracted while they are meant to be watching their surroundings. They can be distracted by anything that takes their attention, and once they are distracted, they will not return to the task.

4. They are picky eaters

While there can be instances where your hmong dog will eat anything you put in front of him, it is essential to note that they don’t care for some vegetables or fruits and refuse to consume them. You should avoid spoiling your dog too much because if he gets used to eating whatever he wants, he will start expecting the same from you.

5. They are social

Despite their size, they are very friendly and make excellent pets. However, they may get lonely quickly and prefer to be around other dogs of the opposite sex. They do better with other dogs and will not feel lonely as long as they have a companion. If you have them at home, then make sure they have another dog or cat they can interact with because this will keep them happy and satisfied.

Hmong dog is a great pet to own and makes an excellent addition to any family. You must get their training right to avoid any inconveniences later in life. The hmong dog may be small, but they have tons of personality and, if trained well, can be a great addition to the family