#1 Easy to Provide Contact Details

Having your business cards handy during group meetings or even if you are taking a stroll around town is important to bringing in new customers. It provides you with a quick and easy to way to give someone your contact information without having to send an email or write it down on a piece of paper.


#2 First Impression

Handing out your business card to potential customers is a great way to make an excellent professional first impression. It shows them that not only are you professional, but also motivated about promoting your business.


#3 Direct Marketing

Today’s society uses social media marketing to promote businesses and products. Meanwhile, they are forgetting about how important direct marketing is. As most new customers like to know who they are dealing with behind the business, handing out your business cards personally at group meetings is a great way to do so.


#4 Business Cards vs Electronics

The great thing about business cards is that they never run out of battery. When a person’s phone or laptop dies they lose all contact information at that moment. With a business card, all a person has to do is pull it out of their wallet to gain access to the telephone number they need.


#5 Show Your Creative Side

Creating your own cards or getting them printed by a professional company, e.g. Business Cards Vancouver, gives you the opportunity to express your creative side to new or potential customers. Adding a border, picture or different themes to your card will also help catch peoples eyes quicker than just a plain white business card with your name and number on it. Give your business card a small piece of you to show your customers you care about your business and first impressions.