Important Facts To Consider When Getting A Breast Augmentation

There are millions of women worldwide who plan on getting a breast augmentation (quick plug: if you’re from the NJ area, check out Breast Augmentation New Jersey). For many different reasons, women opt for a breast augmentation in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance for their breast. Many women pride themselves on the overall appearance of their bodies and tend to be sensitive to the idea of not matching up to what society believes is beauty. When women are insecure about their bodies, they turn to plastic surgery to correct these body flaws. Plastic surgery has changed the way women are able to feel about themselves because it allows women to ultimately change whatever it is that they don’t like. They are able to boost their self-esteem by changing their bodies and the way they look almost instantly. Breast augmentations have been very popular with women and take place all over the world. Breast augmentation has allowed women to reach their goal of feeling confident in their bodies. Before considering a breast augmentation, it is critical to be knowledgeable of important facts that could affect your decision.


When considering a breast augmentation it is important to do your research and understand the risks and benefits that could actually affect your overall decision in getting this procedure done. Some important things to know before getting a breast augmentation is that your first breast augmentation will mostly likely not be your last. Breast implants are not made to last for a lifetime and will in fact require you to have them repaired and or redone after 10 years. In addition, you could possibly need repairing an implant leakage and or scar tissue that could affect your implant appearance and or health. The second thing to take in consideration before getting your augmentation is that after your surgery, you will need about 1 to 2 weeks to recover. If you try to return to work immediately and or perform any manual labor, you could cause severe damage to your wound, causing you to possibly have another surgery, so recovery time is critical. Third thing to consider is that breast implants do not feel like the real deal. Depending on the breast tissue you already have, your implants could feel extremely hard and artificial.


Lastly, a breast augmentation could possibly prevent you from being able to perform one of the most important responsibilities as a woman, which is breastfeed. Depending on where you decide to have the incision done, you can risk damage to your ducts that connect to the gland supplying milk, which can prevent you from being able to provide milk to your newborn child. However, if a breast augmentation is something that you truly desire, you may want to consider speaking with your plastic surgeon regarding your concerns of breastfeeding and how the risks can possibly be avoided. Getting a breast augmentation is an extremely big deal since you are having to undergo surgery. Make sure that you take the time to make a list of items that are of concern to you and address them with your plastic surgeon during your consultation.

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