Compared to the conventional gas grills, flat-top grills are less common. But most individuals who have tried them out have become converts. If you haven’t tried one yourself, you may be surprised by all the kinds of food a flat top grill can cook for you. They may not give you the char marks or barbecued flavor, but they are perfect for searing food and preparing healthy and quick meals.

Continue reading to find out why you should opt for a flat top grill as your outdoor cooking appliance.

You can prepare a variety of foods

You may have seen diners or restaurants using large griddles for cooking different kinds of food, be it steak or a burger. Flat top grills are a smaller version of such griddles intended for outdoor cooking and provide similar results to those industrial griddles.

While gas grills can only cook limited kinds of food items and are mostly used for barbecuing food, flat-top grills can prepare all the types of food you can cook on a griddle. You can prepare different breakfast items, including fried eggs, sausages, bacon, toast, grilled sandwiches, pancakes, etc.

You can also cook different kinds of proteins, particularly the lean cuts of chicken, mutton, pork or beef. You can also prepare fish with a little extra care. If you want to cook greasier meat, the flat top grill can do that for you too. It gives the meat the perfect sear and caramelization, retaining its flavor and making it rich and delicious.

The flat-top grill can be the perfect companion for a healthy lifestyle as you can cook different kinds of vegetables on it as accompaniments for your meals. You can cook eggplants, asparagus, cubed potatoes, onions and mushrooms etc., in a little butter and add a little seasoning to enhance their flavor and have a perfectly balanced meal.

You can clean it easily

Most flat-top grills are non-stick and can be cleaned easily. You may have to spray a little pam on some made of stainless steel, but generally, they are easy to clean. They burn the excess oil and grease, so you do not have unwanted fats in your food. Not to mention the minimum amount of excess oil that you are left with to clean.

You can cook a large amount of food.

Want to cook for a large crowd? Flat top grills are perfect for this. They have a large surface area which you can leverage to cook multiple food items at once. Thus, whether you want to cook a hearty breakfast for the family on the weekend or cook a meal for friends or neighbors, you can woo them with your cooking prowess.

It is always nice to have extra room on the cooking surface, so you can be done with the cooking process quickly, get to the eating part, and socialize. See what the top rated flat top grill is on the market today.